HSA changing the game with SportsConnectU

By: Mariya Lewter, The Hype Machine Contributor 
Britney Morgan and her team, known as Hardwood Sports Academy, are on the verge of changing the youth sports community for the better. With the upcoming launch of their new SportsConnectU app and website platform, HSA will work to help millions of high school athletes achieve their goals of playing at the next level.
With the new technology, HSA hopes “to bring the entire youth sports community together for the success of student-athletes through web and mobile.” First step? Developing the app.
“There is so much that goes into developing an app,” said Morgan, “from ideation, to creating wireframes, to building the technology, testing, testing and more testing. It’s an exciting process and we are looking forward to bringing our vision to life.”
Hardwood Sports Academy consists of Morgan, her husband, her parents and her sister. Together they make up a group of former and current youth sports coaches, parents, athletes and tournament directors.
“I think that this is what makes us special,” Morgan said. “We understand our audience’s challenges from firsthand experience.”
The app will have unique features dedicated to athletes, parents and coaches. First is the Connect with Coaches feature that allows athletes to connect with coaches directly through the app.

MobileWeb Screenshot

“Instead of having to do the extra work of looking up college coaches’ emails, you can simply select the schools you are interested in and in one click you can have your game film in the inbox of hundreds of college coaches,” said Morgan.
Additionally, interested coaches can direct message the athletes in the app, allowing for easy communication in real-time.

Tournament Finder Screenshots

Next is a feature dedicated to tournaments and events. This feature allows athletes, parents and coaches to search for and stay up to date about the latest youth sports tournaments and events across the country.

And finally is the team management feature that allows coaches to keep their team organized with real-time calendars, schedules, group messaging, push notifications and more.
In addition to the app, athletes can follow along with the progress of HSA, SportsConnectU, and the sports world through the blog, The Hype Machine.
The Hype Machine
“There is so much that goes into not only developing youth athletes, but helping develop children into successful adults and we want to use our platform to educate the community and become an intricate part of youth development across the world,” said Morgan.
The SportsConnectU app will launch this summer, and for athletes and parents alike, it’s definitely something you won’t want to miss. Click here to learn more and be notified when the app and website go live! 

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