Tip #6 of 52: How to increase your chances of earning an Athletic Scholarship

Tip #6: The way you present yourself on social media can make or break your chances of receiving an athletic scholarship.

Players you must use social media to your advantage not your detriment. I look to help student athletes gain more opportunities to connect with college coaches and come across many social media profiles in the process. I am amazed at the negative portrayal kids are building of themselves online. From cursing, nudity, smoking, etc…  This must stop and you must clean up your profiles immediately.

Gone are the days of social media being just a fun way to connect with your peers. It is an extension of who you are and you should treat it as such. 90% of college coaches start the recruiting process online, so what do you want them to see? You must start thinking of yourself as a brand. This is important –  Not only for sports, but for academics and future career endeavors.

With social media you are either a good brand or bad brand. You can be a good brand and use it as a way to not only showcase your skill, but who you truly are as a person. Showcase the good character of yours that we discussed in tip 5. This will keep you on a potential coach’s’ radar.  If you go the latter route and build a bad brand, it could leave you in the same position as the student-athlete being discussed in the tweets below.


– Coach Ivory Young @cowboytweet22

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