Tip #5 of 52: How to increase your chances of earning an Athletic Scholarship

Character: Make Sure You Always Display a Great Attitude

The coaches watching you play do not know you personally.  They judge based on what they see on film or in games when watching you play – the interactions you have with your coaches, referees and your teammates.  Be sure as you develop your game that you are also developing your character, and become disciplined in always showcasing a good attitude on the court.

Things you should always do: 

Maintain eye contact and nod your head accordingly when your coach instructs you.

Control your body language when being corrected by coaches or teammates.

Always shake your teammates hands when you come out of the game

Cheer tough for your teammates when you are on the bench. Be on the edge of your seat.

Always be attentive and listen to your coach in the huddle

Display good sportsmanship. Never leave a game without shaking the other teams hands.

Things you should never do: 

Talk back to your coach

Wave your coach off

Cry to the refs about every single foul or call

Walk to the end of the bench and pout when you come out

Dismiss teammates when they try to shake your hand or talk to you

Stop giving your all because of one bad play

See this video from Positive Coaching Alliance, of former Stanford Gymnastics head coach on the importance of having great character as an athlete. 

– Coach Ivory Young @cowboytweet22

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