Tip #4 of 52: How to increase your chances of earning an Athletic Scholarship


Tip #4 of 52 make sure you are sound academically.

– You should have a target of a 3.0 GPA.  However being sound academically does not end there.

– You must make sure you are taking the correct courses to qualify for your targeted level of competition.  See NCAA ‘s guideline on required core courses.

– Take the SAT and ACT by the end of your junior year and learn about the GPA sliding scale.  Use page 2 of the NCAA Eligibility quick reference sheet to learn more.

– Get your transcripts in order and register for the eligibility center. Learn how to register here.

– File for amateurism. Learn how to file here.

Be sure you are competing in the classroom as well and be proactive in talking to your parents, coaches and school counselors to help ensure that you meet all NCAA requirements.

– Coach Ivory Young @cowboytweet22

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