Tip #3 of 52: How to increase your chances of earning an Athletic Scholarship

Tip #3 of 52: Get your athletic profile, highlights and game film in front of as many college coaches as possible.

Playing on travel teams in front of college coaches in exposure tournaments and showcases, although are great outlets, doing that alone is just not enough. Hiring a professional, such as a recruiting service can be helpful, but it is extremely expensive and there is still no guarantee that you will get signed.

The best thing to do is to create an athletic profile that includes your athletic and academic information and send this along with your best game and highlight film to as many college coaches as possible. Rick Wire, author of The Student-Athlete and College Recruiting; suggests that if a student-athlete is DI potential that you should send your information to about 50-100 college coaches, if you are DII potential you should send it out to 200-300 coaches.   Yes, this takes tons of time and energy but it will pay off in the long run.

Be sure to send to any coaches that have shown interest in you first, and think about your academic goals, desires for college experience and athletic skill level to send to schools that you feel would be the perfect fit.  Then get to work, because remember Tip #2 you cannot sit and wait around for college coaches to come and find you!

To learn how to quickly send information to hundreds of coaches click here.

– Coach Ivory Young  @cowboytweet22


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